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Hotels in Thessaloniki
The beautiful “bride” of Thermaikos
About Thessaloniki

Enchanting Thessaloniki is a real mosaic of cultures, with a distinct identity. White Tower dominates the port of Thessaloniki, while next to the square is the imposing statue of Alexander the Great. In the city center you will also find the famous Aristotle Square and the Arch of Galerius from the 4th century AD, Rotunda and the palace complex in Navarino Square. Visit the Jewish Museum, Kemal Atatürk’s house and the Church of Saint Demetrius. If you are looking for vibrant nightlife, choose Ladadika with its cobbled streets, one of the most popular areas of Thessaloniki for coffee, drinks and food. Of course, we should not omit the unique gastronomic wonders of Thessaloniki, with delights such as bougatsa in all its variations, Panorama triangles (Phyllo Triangle Pastries with Custard) and of course the famous koulouri of Thessaloniki (sesame bread rings).

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