02 Feb

Top 5 Activities: Arcadia

We visited Nefeles Luxury Residences & Lounge and here we are to recommend all experiences, excursions and activities that Arcadia has to offer.

1. Ski & Snowboard


Snow covered Mainalo is one of the most beautiful landscapes one can enjoy in Greece! If you already follow Nefeles Luxury Residences & Lounge on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/nefelesmainalon/) you must have seen the total white landscape photos. Mainalon Ski Centre “Ostrakina” has eight slopes, offered for both the novice and the experienced skier. You can always find trainers who will teach you the basic techniques.

2. 4 Wheels Nature- ATV

Off road paths are an excellent reason for you to explore the hidden gems of Arcadia. Within walking distance from our hotel you may find specific routes to explore on your ATV vehicle. This type of vehicle may take you to destinations you cannot imagine.

3. Climbing, Hiking & Biking

Throughout Mainalo you can find and explore beautiful hiking trails which are all mapped by the mountaineering associations of the county. Arcadia is just one great bike ride. Even Tripoli itself is an ideal place for a relaxing bike ride for the whole family.

4. Rafting

Within an hour of the hotel you will find Lousios River, which according to mythology and as mentioned by Pausanias, is where the newborn Zeus was bathed and hidden by Saturn. Later the river was renamed Gortynia the town of Ancient Gortys. Pausanias considered Lousios river the coldest of the known world.

5. Wine Tours

Arcadia wines are concidered of the highest quality. Taking advantage of the local soil, climatic conditions and our location. In each bottle of wine wisdom, art, love and devotion are hidden. The moschophilero and the sparkling wines of Mantinea are a registered trademark. The wineries of Mantinea is a whole world of tradition and enjoyment. A walk in these magic workshops is absolutely essential.