HotelBrain Braining Centre is a unique Experiential Centre for addressed to higher education graduates, hotel owners and/or managers as well as people employed in the hospitality and tourism industry. Moreover, to all those people who are dynamic, ambitious and wish to seek employment opportunities in one of Hotel Brain`s hotels.




Title 1

Braining Centre mission:

– To create a new generation of professionals in the hotel industry who will be who will be trained to the philosophy, principles and know how values of HotelBrain. We believe that these individuals can become tomorrow’s managers to our client hotels.

Title 2

–  To improve the knowledge of existing staff employed in HotelBrain operated hotels as well as refine and update the knowledge of other professionals employed in the hotel industry.

– To pass on HotelBrain’s knowhow and collective experience and illustrate the management model that is implemented to all HotelBrain’s managed hotels in Greece and abroad.